Terms and Conditions

Customer Service :


At Aliments St-Germain, we rely on fast and courteous service. We are committed to offer an impeccable service to all our clients. Your entire satisfaction is our primary concern. 




Returned Cheques : 

An additional $20.00 service charge will be added to the amount of each returned cheque (NSF). This may cause a loss of terms and credit limits previously established with us.


Livraison et cueillette : 

On average, delivery times are 72 hours for the Montreal and Quebec regions. These delivery times can vary as they are subject to the period of the year as well as the delivery area. For pick-ups, an appointment must be scheduled, by email or phone, with the person in charge.


Retour de marchandise : 

For monitoring quality purposes, every return must be preauthorized by a staff member. The return must be reported within two weeks following the receipt of the merchandise. Some conditions apply. We keep the right to refuse a return if certain of these terms are not applied.


Ouverture de compte : 

All new clients of Aliments St-Germain must complete the account application form before their first order. First transactions must be paid on site at the time of pick-up or before delivery until the credit limit has been established. To do so, you must complete a credit inquiry form on our website. We reserve the rights to cancel or modify the terms and conditions if some commitments are not fulfilled or maintained.


For more information, contact us by phone at (450)-546-3279