About Us

Miss Arachew has been a family business situated in the heart of Acton Vale for more than 30 years. With its growing product offering, the company now operates under the name Aliments St-Germain while still offering the Miss Arachew trademark and values.

Aliments St-Germain offers high quality products and reliable service. Always attentive to their customers’ needs, Aliments St-Germain imports a wide variety of confectionery products, candies and chocolates. We are also roasting nuts and peanuts as well as offering roasting nut services and packaging for any types of private brands.

The family and professional values that unite the team at Aliments St-Germain ensure that all employees have, first and foremost, the customer satisfaction at heart.

Sustainable Development

Aliments St-Germain constantly questions its practices to minimize its environmental impact, but also to maximize its positive social impact. This reflection is framed by a serious approach and the help of experts in this field. Therefore, Aliments St-Germain has held the On s’engage en développement durable accreditation since 2019, recognizing the solid foundations of its commitment in this area.

Concretely, one of the most promising business decisions in sustainable development is the choice to opt for an American supplier for our peanuts rather than an Asian or South American one. In addition to ensuring quality products, this also allows our products to last longer, thus avoiding food losses and their associated environmental burden.

The choice of our packaging is also a serious consideration. In 2019, we evaluated the possibility if using biodegradable bags. Unfortunately, this type of packaging remains difficult to sort when there is no option to collect compostable materials. Furthermore, some composting platforms refuse this type of film. Biodegradable bags can also contaminate recyclable materials, are non-reusable and shorten the life of our products.

Until other options are made available to us, we therefore choose our containers and films according to these main criteria:

  • are they recyclable?
  • do they store food well?
  • are they reusable?
  • are they made in Canada?
  • are they lighter than a comparable container?
  • is the plastic easily recyclable after multiple uses?
  • are they made of consistent, food-safe material?
  • can this type of packaging be made from 100% recycled plastic?

The selection is therefore always made keeping sustainable development in mind!

Finally, we are also happy to offer to our customers many products made in Quebec, prepared in Quebec, and made in Canada. Look for these characteristics in our offer to identify them!

Follow our progress in eco-responsibility by consulting this page!